EVA USA LLC is the largest injection molded footwear factory in the USA.(1) Based in Los Angeles, the facility features state-of-the-art equipment, a highly skilled operations team and an overall mission to produce premium quality product made 100% in America.(2)



OUR MANUFACTURING PROCESS leverages a combination of best-in-class machinery and years of expertise to create injection molded ethylene-vinyl acetate footwear to exacting specifications.(3) Our calculated, precise process begins with the sourcing of the base compounds that make up ethylene-vinyl acetate foam.(4) Our American supply chain allows us to evaluate and monitor the base compounds that go into our footwear, ensuring industry-leading quality.(5) These base compounds are transformed into a molten resin, which is then injected into a precisely-cut mold.(6) The resin is allowed to cool and expand, transforming into closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, before being ejected from the mold as a finished product.(7)