Frequently Asked Questions

Where does EVA USA make its products? Our facilities are located in the United States of America. EVA USA is the largest injection molded footwear factory in the USA. Our products are wholly made in the USA, from the highest quality base compounds in an industry-leading environment. Our American supply chain allows for greater control, close monitoring, and an ability to deliver products on time and without complications.
WHAT IS INJECTION MOLDING? Injection molding is a process by which base compounds are heated into a molten resin, injected into a mold at low pressure and then allowed to cool and expand into a finished ethylene-vinyl acetate foam product.
What is ethylene-vinyl acetate? Ethylene-vinyl acetate, commonly referred to as EVA, is the copolymer formed of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Sometimes referred to as foam rubber or expanded rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate is a closed-cell material that is lightweight, comfortable, durable, shock-absorbing, waterproof and resistant to mold and bacteria.
Is injection molded the same as compression molded? No. The injection molding process is considerably more precise and results in products that are more durable and refined. Our process involves injecting an exact quantity of liquid resin directly into a mold, whereas compression molding’s use of a multi-piece mold, high pressure and excess resin results in inexact products with imperfect detailing.
Can EVA USA make ethylene-vinyl acetate foam of different densities and textures? Yes. While we use a precise formula to transform base compounds into ethylene-vinyl acetate, the formula can be adapted to create foam of varying colors, densities and textures, depending on each product’s specifications.
What kind of footwear can EVA USA make? If it’s footwear and made of ethylene-vinyl acetate, we can make it and make it well, right here in America. Our operators have the know-how to ensure that our factory can deliver your design, to your exact specifications.